Basket Page Optimisation

Our psychology-based Basket Optimisation has resulted in increases of 121% in revenue for our clients.

Is your basket page losing you money?

The basket page (or ‘shopping cart’ in the USA) is a crucial part of your visitor’s user journey. It is usually the second from last stage in the e-commerce conversion funnel and can be understood as the ‘gateway’ to the checkout, where the purchase is made and your visitor converts into a paying customer.

The basket page allows the user the opportunity to review their cart, modify its contents, assess the total price and choose delivery options. It is therefore imperative that the basket page is well designed, easy to use and allows the customer to proceed directly where you want them to: the checkout.

What is more important however, is what goes on below the surface. What are your users unconscious anxieties, needs and motivations? This is something that is often overlooked when standard web designers or developers build a basket page. These ‘below the surface’ issues happen inside the subconscious mind of the user. They aren’t aware of these thoughts, but the thoughts are having an impact on their behaviour. Subconscious thoughts for the customer could include:

basket page optimisation neuro web marketing    Is my purchase being processed securely?
basket page optimisation neuro web marketing    Is the product I’m buying of good quality?
basket page optimisation neuro web marketing    Will my product get delivered quickly?
basket page optimisation neuro web marketing    Is what I’m buying worth the money I’m paying?
basket page optimisation neuro web marketing    Is this site reputable?

…and many other unconscious anxieties which will be specific to your product or service. 

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Focusing on driving traffic to your website isn’t enough


You need to ensure that your customers aren’t lost in the sales process, and guided well on a conscious and unconscious level.

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Online businesses regularly focus their marketing efforts on driving traffic to their websites. Unfortunately, these efforts can go to waste when potential customers are lost at the basket page. Customers abandon their baskets for a wide variety of reasons such as problems with the sites functionality and psychological anxieties, which could include concerns around security and product quality.


In 2015, the average basket abandonment rate was 68% – that means two thirds of those who get to your basket page are not proceeding to the checkout to complete the sale.
Those are potential customers that you might not get back, which is why it’s important to convert them.

It was estimated that 3.26 trillion pounds worth of online baskets were abandoned during the first quarter of 2015. The e-commerce world is more competitive than ever, with the biggest companies such as Amazon and eBay ensuring their basket pages (and the rest of their websites) are conversion optimised to ensure they are getting as many visitors to convert into customers as possible.

Every day thousands upon thousands of companies are moving their business online, allowing customers to buy their products and services at the click of a button. As a result, customers will leave your site for another if the experience isn’t up to standard. This is why it is crucial to ensure this key page (basket page) is so well optimised to get the most out of your e-commerce site.


Invest in basket optimisation and reap the rewards

Optimising the basket page should be a core focus of your e-commerce strategy. A well-optimised basket page can help to ensure that as many of your site visitors complete the conversion funnel as possible. The key benefits of optimising your basket page include:

  •    Less abandoned purchases
  •    Improved user experience
  •    Greater customer satisfaction
  •    Increased revenue
  •    Increased conversion rate
  •    Outperforming your competition
  •    More returning customers
What’s in it for you?

So what is basket optimisation exactly?

Basket optimisation is one of the many ways in which you can apply psychological conversion optimisation to your website (conversion optimisation being the practice of improving a websites ability to convert visitors into customers).

Basket optimisation involves assessing your basket pages ability to move customers towards a sale ‘conversion’. It ensures the page is designed in a way that kills the unconscious questions in your site visitor’s minds (such as anxieties around security, price and quality) that can prevent them from making a purchase. The ultimate aim of basket optimisation is to get more of your customers buying your products and completing the sales funnel.

Would my e-commerce site benefit from basket optimisation?

It is best to be in the mindset that there is always room for improvement when it comes to your basket page. Regularly reviewing its functionality and design should be a key part of your e-commerce marketing strategy. You want to ensure that customers keep flowing through from the basket page to the checkout and converting.

Do these points apply to you? 

> I want to increase the number of visitors who convert on my website

> I want to increase the revenue for my e-commerce business

> I want my customers to feel my website is secure, genuine, reputable and of high quality

> I want to improve user experience on my site

> I have a high basket bounce rate

> I want to improve the layout of my basket pages

> I have had poor customer feedback regarding my site including the basket page

> I want my basket page to be more persuasive, moving more customers through to the checkout


psychology of basket page optimisation  

The psychology of basket optimisation

Though the aim of basket optimisation is simple (to increase the number of site visitors who convert into customers), the thought behind effective basket optimisation involves a heavy element of psychological science. It is important to understand the cognitive biases, thought processes and behaviour of people in order to optimise your basket page effectively. A successful e-commerce site should, in our eyes, be able to communicate as well as a person, answering the subconscious questions that arise for the user at every stage of their user journey.

A whole range of psychological principles can be applied to
optimise the basket page including:

  • Urgency: Create purchase urgency by adding a time countdown
    so customers are prompted to proceed to checkout before losing
    the products in their basket.
  • Scarcity: showing when items are low in stock in the product
    description (e.g. ‘only 1 left in stock!’).
  • Assurances to reduce unconscious anxieties: Security trust
    symbols to reduce anxiety around the security of entering their
    payment details.
  • Social proof: We are cognitively biased to do (or believe) things
    because others do, known as the ‘bandwagon effect’. Apply this
    to your basket page by adding a social proof e.g. “1,467 people
    purchased this product”
  • Authority: If any of your products have been positively reviewed
    by an authoritative figure, such as a celebrity, using reviews from
    these authoritative figures on your basket page can prompt people
    to buy.
  • Hyperbolic discounting: A cognitive bias for how we want immediate
    gratification. Use this on your basket page by allowing users to
    download and have instant access to digital products (e.g. ‘get your
    software key instantly after purchase’).
  • Zero-risk bias: The cognitive bias for certainty – we want to be certain
    the actions we are taking are right. Help your customers feel certain
    they’re making the right decision by placing assurances on your basket
    page (e.g. 100% quality guarantee or your money back).

We have increased conversion rates significantly for our clients through optimising their basket pages.


shopping cart basket optimisation neuro web 

Most web professionals base their basket page designs on their ‘gut feeling’ or by simply following ‘best practice’. Unlike other agencies, we value the importance of basing our Conversion Optimisation methodology on applied psychology, user based research and testing.

Take a look at one of our Basket Page case studies:
Basket Page Case Study by Neuro Web Marketing

We make it our mission to ensure that we stay at the forefront of CRO at all times.

We make sure that our conversion optimisation methodology is of optimal quality through continuously enforcing the following:

  •    A thorough training program for all of our staff, including in-depth training in psychology
  •    Constantly keeping on top of the latest research and developments in conversion rate optimisation and psychology
  •    Motivating our team to constantly be in ‘growth mind set’, forever looking for ways to improve our processes, methods and client services
  •    Continuing to achieve large results for our clients; revenue increases of over 120% are the norm for us

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