Conversion Rate Optimisation for E-commerce

Your website is a bad salesman
…and as a result, your website is leaking money.

Like salesmen, websites need training to deal with customers better, be smoother, understand potential clients needs better, present themselves well and to close sales quickly and efficiently. What they say and how they say it can make a huge difference to their performance. Why wouldn’t it be the same for a website?

If you want to increase your e-commerce sales, you can turn more of your visitors into paying customers with conversion rate optimisation. It will significantly boosts sales and more importantly, your profits.

The biggest websites on the planet have conversion optimisation strategies, and some even have whole conversion departments, why? because they know it works. Amazon, ASOS, Booking.com, Play, Google… the list goes on.

amazon-logo-conversion-rate-optimisation-for-ecommerce     play-com-logo-conversion-rate-optimisation-for-ecommerce     asos-logo-conversion-rate-optimisation-for-ecommerce     google-com-logo-conversion-rate-optimisation     booking-com-logo-conversion-rate-optimisation-for-ecommerce

They all optimise their websites for conversion alongside customer experience – which is exactly why you should be too.

Is all of your money being spent on getting more traffic?
Most marketing strategies are based on acquiring more traffic by any means necessary instead of optimising the sales funnel. This is an outdated approach that will always mean that your company size is limited by your available marketing budget.

Quotation Mark Conversion Rate Optimisation for Ecommerce
Websites that have a structured approach to conversion are twice as likely to have a large growth in their sales.
– eConsultancy

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A typical conversion funnel

A typical conversion funnel conversion rate optimisation for e-commerce

As you can see, the traffic you’re currently paying so much to get is just one piece of a larger puzzle, and without a conversion strategy in place your business is missing other critical pieces.

Puzzle pieces Conversion Rate Optimisation for Ecommerce

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Why you’re missing the point with SEO & PPC alone

Like you, your competitors have just started to realise how powerful and profitable having a conversion strategy or an experienced conversion agency working with them is. Conversion Rate Optimisation is the quickest and the most effective way to get more sales from your website and boosting sales without spending more on traffic. You may have once have been in the lead with your SEO efforts and your PPC campaigns. Having a conversion strategy can put you ahead of your competitors again.

Doubling your conversion rate will half what each customer costs your business to acquire. That leaves you with 50% more budget to spend on acquiring even more customers. This will enable you to afford to pay significantly more per click on your PPC, and as a result, outbid your competitors and increase sales further still.

Quotation Conversion Rate Optimisation for Ecommerce
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
– Albert Einstein

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Conversion optimisation really is win/win.


The Key Benefits of E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimisation:

  • It makes your current site more efficient which generally means you don’t need to rebuild your whole website (yet again).
  • There are simple “quick wins” as well as other larger changes that can improve your bottom line rapidly
  • All changes can be split tested to prove how effective each change has been – clearly showing your return on investment.
  • On average, it can make your website and marketing twice as effective;
  • Psychology-based conversion rate optimisation strategies ensure you maximise profits instead of throwing more and more ineffective money at marketing.

Quotation Conversion Rate Optimisation for Ecommerce
On average, less than 1.5% of visitors complete a purchase when visiting e-commerce websites. That means that over 98.5% of marketing spend is wasted.

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What is Conversion Rate Optimisation exactly?

Conversion rate optimisation is the practice of continually improving a website’s ability to generate conversions, and requires a deep understanding of your visitors’ mindset.

All agencies seem to think it’s all about data, but it’s not. It’s about behaviour.
These are some of the ways that conversion optimisers measure, adjust and optimise your site:

  • Psychological Auditing and analysis of websites (or landing pages)
  • Website heat-mapping and specialist user behaviour tracking
  • User Research
  • Real-world User behaviour analysis
  • Combined data analysis & hypothesis creation
  • Methodical wireframing and “workplanning”
  • Page and site level tweaks and changes
  • Developer and designer support
  • A/B and multivariate testing

The areas of your site that Conversion Optimisation can be applied to:

checkout conversion optimisation for ecommerce
Checkout Pages
sales funnel conversion optimisation for ecommerce
Sales Funnel
landing pages conversion optimisation for ecommerce
Landing Pages
homepage conversion optimisation for ecommerce
search functionality conversion optimisation for ecommerce
Search Functionality
content and copy conversion optimisation for ecommerce
Content & Copy
basket page conversion optimisation for ecommerce
Basket Page
live chat conversion optimisation for ecommerce
Live Chat
call to action conversion optimisation for ecommerce
Call To Actions

What’s in it for you?

Conversion Optimisation isn’t all about design

A common misconception in the industry is that conversion rate optimisation is all about design or User Experience (UX), or both. Whilst it does involve some UX and some design improvements, it’s more about understanding your ideal customer and optimising the site to ensure they feel ‘rapport’ with it, are well guided, are fully informed, and are at ease.

User Experience (UX) covers the “can’t buy” and Conversion Optimisation covers the “won’t buy”.

Conversion Optimisation agencies

Conversion Rate Optimisation has only been mainstream since 2013, so naturally a new group of digital agencies is popping up everywhere and offering it as a ‘professional service’ without any real industry experience. We’ve been working on websites to increase conversion since 2004 , which is before the term “Conversion Rate Optimisation” was even coined.

Before settling for any conversion agency:
flashing bulb light ecommerce conversion rate optimisation
Always be sure to ask how long the agency you’re planning to use has been offering conversion optimisation as a service

flashing bulb light ecommerce conversion rate optimisation

Always ask for proof of the results they’ve got in the past.

And remember: there is a difference between a ‘split tester’ and a conversion optimiser.


We don’t just offer 3-5 A/B tests a month like most other agencies.
We don’t just do guesswork.

The first thing we do for all our clients is complete a comprehensive “Quick Wins” audit to make sure our client can apply quick, easy fixes to lift conversions as soon as possible.

And how do we know these fixes will work? Because we are the only agency to use psychology exclusively as the basis of our research and methodology. We know how to resolve hidden buyer anxieties, communicate effectively with your customers, and how to remove the unconscious stumbling blocks which are stopping your customers from buying.



Flowchart of the CRO Process - Conversion Rate Optimisation for Ecommerce




Conversion Optimisation and Psychology

Psychology practices ensures your buyers needs are understood. Simple changes that are usually outside of your visitor’s conscious awareness can be found, and by improving them a huge impact on buying behaviour can be seen.

A myriad of psychological principles can be utilised by conversion optimisers, such as:

  • Scarcity and loss aversion
  • Colour guidance psychology
  • NLP language patterns
  • Unconscious anxiety reduction
  • Gamification
  • Eye path tracking
  • Psychological friction


Lift in Sales - Conversion Rate Optimisation for Ecommerce

We do Conversion Optimisation exclusively for Ecommerce websites, with a 100% proven, psychology-based CRO methodology to maximise your profits.

We like to think of ourselves as communicators, not marketers. By using psychology, we can communicate more effectively which means visitors understand where they are, what they can do, and why they should do it.

Quotation Conversion Rate Optimisation for Ecommerce
Most agencies seem to think it’s all about data, but it’s not. It’s all about behaviour.
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Due to the sheer amount of information our senses process unconsciously, everybody has to ‘delete’ or ignore things their senses take in. As humans, we process around 10 million bits of information every single second but we can consciously process only 5-7 pieces of it. An example of this is your left foot in your shoe. You knew it was in there, but until I said it you didn’t consciously feel it in there. Now you do. Or your bum on your chair. You get the picture. That’s called deletion. We identify things exactly like that on websites. We pay attention to and improve the bits of information that everyone else unconsciously filters out.

An example of this on a website is the discount voucher box in a shopping basket. If it’s placed in the wrong place on the basket page, it influences people to search Google for discount codes, and probably never come back. Obvious right? You knew it was there, but didn’t consciously think about the issue until we pointed it out.

Using psychology and the latest research in the field of neuroscience, we ensure we double the number of visitors who decide to convert into paying customers. Very often we gain wins of over 100% – which in-turn reduces cost of advertising by 50%.

How we ensure we are at the forefront of conversation optimisation at all times:

  • All members of our team are trained and well studied in psychology, NLP and neuroscience
  • All members of our team constantly keep up to date with new studies and findings in the field
  • We have a very strong learning culture and share everything we learn with each other
  • We have a very strict training program and required reading list for all new staff

If you’re fed up of wasting time, resources and money on your traffic…

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