E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimisation with Neuro Web Marketing uses psychological principles to convert more of your non-paying visitors into paying customers. At its heart, it involves applying sometimes minor, unnoticeable changes or radical redesigns to your website to ‘improve’ web pages from a psychological perspective.

The application of our methodology is extremely diverse and can be applied to gain huge lifts in sales and conversions very quickly. Some of the areas of your website are:


  • Web copy
  • Headlines
  • Images
  • Layouts
  • Pricing
  • Colouring/Styling


  • Basket Pages
  • Newsletters
  • Landing Pages
  • Checkout Processes
  • Contact Forms
  • Banner Ads
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  • Psychological Audit and conversion boost

  • We believe that you deserve to see conversion lifts as soon as we start working on your site. Therefore, the first thing we always do is carry out a psychological audit of your site to grab any ‘quick wins’ (small changes that give huge lifts) that we can apply to your site to get conversions lifted. This always uncovers great insights and shows you what we’re about. We only split-test where needed to prove that our methodology works as promised.
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  • User Research and further insights

  • We like to get further into the minds of your visitors to uncover damaging behavior patterns. In our initial strategy we will recommend that a small and precise selection of our research modules is carried out on your site. These will collect data from your past customers, ‘blind’ users that have never seen your site, and data from your visitors in real-time. The insights we will gain from this research will show us exactly what your customers need to see on your site in order to convert.
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  • Workplanning

  • We compile all of our findings into one place and report them to you for complete transparency. You will receive one of our carefully crafted Workplans for your designer and developer to work from. Within these will be our meticulous ‘wireframe’ designs that show how your new pages will look in an outlined format.
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  • Managing the whole process

  • We work with your internal teams and help manage your designers and developers and make sure the changes are implemented to our exact specification. Our Workplans ensure that everyone sings from the same song-sheet, page-by-page across the site. Once our changes are ready to go live we carry out extensive checks to ensure everything is working correctly.
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  • Rinse & repeat

  • Once we are happy with the changes, the progress and the lift in sales, we further refine the site by completing our 120-point Main Conversion Audit. This ensures your site is the best it can possibly be and that every last conversion has been squeezed out of it. In the final audit we will audit everything from your shopping basket page to your newsletters and everything in-between.

Imagine what this could do for your site. Get in touch to find out more.